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Catalog Sales

Many of the prominent music catalog and mail order purveyors also have websites. The bonus of shopping online is sometimes cheaper prices, closeout specials and a wider selection than the catalogs feature. Here are some of the top sites:


Collector's Choice -- Is there anyone who hasn't received a Collector's Choice catalog? While their easy listening selection has dwindled and only occasionally offers anything except what one can find everywhere else, once in a while an elusive goodie can be found, so take a look!
EDI/Timeless Music -- These are the folks who package those 3-CD sets that you find for sale at the big warehouse stores and other places for $29.95 each. Guess what...you can browse them online and purchase them at a discount. Now, doesn't that savings make visiting this website worth it?
Good Music Company aka Yestermusic -- This company puts out several different catalogs under different names including Bargain Music. They often produce and package their own compilations and some dandy collector's items can be purchased here including a lovely John Fox compilation of custom music.

Heartland Music -- If you've been accustomed to receiving a Heartland Music catalog, you'll probably find yourself on Time-Life's mailing list now. Time-Life has owned Heartland for the past several years and recently made the decision to fold the Heartland catalog into the Time-Life direct mail catalog. We hate to see the Heartland catalog disappear but are hopeful that Time-Life will continue to support easy listening with their excellent instrumental packages. (Click the Time-Life image to read about the "merging" of the two companies.)